What is Artificial Intelligence and Why it matters?

Artificial Intelligence is a computer field which deals with the creation of intelligent machines to perform and react like human beings. Minsky and McCarthy, father of this field state that AI is any task performed by a machine or program in the early 50’s. The base of AI depended on the claim that human intelligence can be precisely illustrated and can be stimulated by a machine. Reasoning, natural language processing, planning, understanding and learning along with capability of movement and manipulation of objects are some of the achieved goals of AI research.

The Significance of Artificial Intelligence

Today, AI has become a significant part of human lives. It is being used by mankind in variety of day to day services. Primarily you have two kinds of AI-  the Narrow AI and the General AI. The Narrow AI reliant systems are taught to perform specific jobs without getting explicitly programmed about how to perform it. You can witness the example of Narrow AI in the voice and language recognition of Apple iPhone’s Siri. It helps in vision recognition schemes of self-driving cars, recommendation engines to suggest items you prefer.

On the other side, General intelligence is very different. It is kind of adaptable intelligence seen in humans. It is capable of learning how to perform different tasks in different ways. You can see this type of AI in movies like Skynet in Terminator or 2001.

AI has laid a big impact on human life. It is being used in board area of human’s day to day services. The vital cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services grant access to GPU arrays to run and train machine learning systems. Google too is prep to allow users use the Tensor Processing Unit which comprises of custom chips whose designs are optimized, trained and run on machine learning models.

The main tech firms that have actively used AI are Facebook which uses Artificial Intelligence to drive a lot of public facilities like search results, providing recommendations, translations, locating spams and recognizing people. Apple’s Siri makes use of machine learning technology to predict better, perform smarter and acknowledge the natural language queries and requests. Alexa from Amazon helps humans to scour webs for info, shopping, scheduling appointments, setting up alarms and more.

Cogito is yet another example of behavioural adaptation to enhance emotional intelligence of Customer assistance. Amazon’s transactional AI permits you to earn astronomical amount of money. There was a time when Super Mario was the best video game, but today, you many gaming bots.

AI reliant smartphones are winning the bandwagon race. Apple’s recent iPhones support neural chip which perform Facial recognition. With the help of AI, “True Depth” the front facing camera creates a person’s face 3D map. The used the AI to design its assistant software named Bixby.

Why does it matter?

You have several reasons to demonstrate why Artificial Intelligence matters so much. AI supports repetitive learning and discovery via information and data. It is different hardware supported, robotic automation. It performs computerized jobs without getting tired. It includes intellect to existing products. The amalgamation of huge amount of data with smart machine helps in improvement of several technologies in office and home. Artificial Intelligence evaluates the deeper data via neural networks which have several hidden layers.

AI accomplishes amazing accuracy via deep neural networks. For instance, Google Photo, Google Search as well as Alexa all function on deep learning. The more you use them the more accurate they get.

In the field of medical science, AI works from deep learning, object recognition as well as image classification. They are used to search cancer on MRIs with similar accuracy as any professional radiologist. AI acknowledges progressive learning algorithms and allows the data to do programming. As the algorithms are self-learning, the data becomes intellectual property. Several times, the answers are available in the data, but to accomplish them you need to apply AI. These are major significance of AI

AI technology has become a very important part of human life. Everyone uses AI to generate leads to lessen their work pressure, whether on big scale or small. With AI expanding its wing, manual work will come to an end one day.