A Quick List Of The Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India

In recent years, it is found, women entrepreneurship is on the rise. More women are pursuing their careers and looking to become an entrepreneur. It is really good for society and the self. In earlier decades, it has been a highly ideal shift in the number of Indian corporate space. India has witnessed a great up rise in the number of women entering into corporate. It is the passion and determination which makes women address multiple challenges and it made them winners on their own.

According to the survey done by the National Sample Survey, it is found 14% of businesses are run by women in India. Most of the companies are bootstrapped and small scale. According to the global report, around 126 million women have their own business and whereas in India 8 million women run their own.

We are in an era where women are considered equal to all in the world. It the fact that women are as best as men on all parameters of Hard Work, Intelligence, Maintaining home and career and Leadership qualities.

Some of the highlights – National women’s business council has stated few positive findings and highlighted women efforts to address women entrepreneurship hurdles. Women are 32% more successful at raising capital through crowd funding. Women are helped better and supported by creating a good entrepreneur ecosystem with government policies. Hence women grow. Women of the new generation have overcome all their odds and have proved themselves beyond the world of Entrepreneurial Success Stories. Women hold a great position in their own fields. Various icons are successful.

Some of the interesting Statistics about women Entrepreneurship.

● 58% of women entrepreneurs in India started on their own at the age of 20-30.

● 73% of women entrepreneurs have revenue of around Rs 10 Lakhs in one financial year.

● 57% of women started on their own.

● 35% of women have a co-founder.

● Around 71% of women entrepreneurs have employees around 5 or more.

How anyone can be successful entrepreneurs?

#1. A clarity of Idea and Execution

Women need to be strong and smart for the establishment of business form the initial idea to execution. It is essential to create a road map like an investment, marketing, revenue generating, financing, etc. All these factors need to be evaluated carefully for the development of a framework.

#2. Constant learning.

Learning is an endless work. Women who are entrepreneurs or want to be entrepreneurs should have knowledge of the current affairs, trends, market-related news to introduce new strategies in their business. Women should read newspapers, online Startup Stories, failure stories and solutions are really essential for business understanding.

#3. A good Time Management.

It is very important for women to prioritize things. Women should ask themselves about their priorities. Women should have a daily checklist for daily works.

#4. Building a support system.

Women need positive energy to keep pushing themselves forward so they build a great support system at the workplace or home. It is thought of bringing everyone together. Many accomplish an individual can make. It would be growth for all.

Women Entrepreneurship Requires A Different Perspective. Why?

Most of women underestimate themselves. With the right guidance and mentoring, they shine and become successful business women. Women success requires to erase the social stigma of stay in-door and cooking, early marriages and more. Women should be allowed to speak about their talent and business.

Some of the successful Women Entrepreneurs in India.

#1. Indu Jain.

A Padma Bhushan and Mahatma Mahavira awarded Shreemati Indu Jain, is the chairperson of India’s Largest Media Group, Times Internet. She has various identities like spiritualist, humanist, educationalist, entrepreneurship. She is the ideal women and strong votary for women rights. Her two sons are running the company.

#2. Chanda Kochhar.

She is the former MD and chief executive officer of ICICI bank. She origins from Rajasthan and did her Masters in Mumbai Maharashtra. She is a strong and important name in retail baking. She is a strong and important name in retailing Banking. She is in the Forbes list of the world’s 100 most powerful women. During her work, ICICI bank won the “Best Retail Bank in India” award in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 & excellence award in 2002. She is an awardee of Businesswomen of the year 2005” by economics Times and “rising star Award” in 2006.

#3. Indra Nooyi.

She is the current CEO and chairperson of the second largest food and beverage business Pepsico. It the most well-known Face among women entrepreneurs of India. She is from Chennai and did her education in Bsc and MBA. she is the awardee of prestigious Padma Bhushan for her business achievements and has been inspirational.

#4. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.

Kiran, A woman from Bangalore. She did her bachelors in zoology in Banglore and post-graduation from the University of Melbourne. Kiran is the chairman and managing director of Biocon Limited. Biocon is the leading biopharmaceutical company. She is the strong women and listed in Forbes list for various times. She is the member of the board of governors of Indian School of business and IIT, Hyderabad. She has been awarded the prestigious Padma Shree(1989) and Padma Bhushan(2005) from the govt of India.

#5. Naina Lal Kidwai.

She is the country head of HSBC India. She did her bachelors in Economics from Delhi University and an MBA from Harvard Business school. She is the first Indian Women who graduated from Harvard University. She is the global advisor of Harvard Business school. She was awarded Naina for her contribution towards trade and industry.

#6. Shahnaz Husain.

She is the biggest trendsetter and known for her herbal cosmetics Industry in India. She is “Queen of Herbal Beauty care”. Her company has over 400 franchise clinics and services in India along with various countries. She is the topmost women Entrepreneurs In India. She is the receiver of the Prestigious Padmashree Award in 2006.

#7. Neelam Dhawan.

She is an iconic and inspirational woman. She is the inspiration for every woman who works in the IT sector. She is the member of IBM Advisory Board in India and she also led for HP India Head for several years. She is at 37th among the “50 most powerful women in Business” in 2009 by fortune business. She is also listed in India’s “ top inspirational Women Leaders” by CII.

#8. Priya Paul.

She is Priya Paul, a prominent and top businesswomen. She is the most revered personalities in the hospitality Industry. Also, she is awarded Padmashree award by the government of India in 2012. India’s fourth civilian honour for her services to trade and Industry by President of India. She is the Chairperson of Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels.

#9. Ekta Kapoor.

Everyone knows her as top women entrepreneurs in India. She is the head of Indias most television Industry Balaji Telefilms. She is the women who changed the face of Indian TV. she is the women who single-handedly founded Balaji. She is the most successful producer of the Indian entertainment world. She has produced various successful series and movies. She has won the Hall of Fame award at the 6th Indian Telly awards in the year of 2006. She is one of the strong women entrepreneurs.

#10. Vandana Luthra.

Vandana Luthra founder of VLCC healthcare limited. She is the leader of India’s Health and Wellness Industry. She is from Kolkata, a beauty expert in health fitness, skin care, nutrition. Her VLCC is found in 11 countries with various employees and the women behind it and all credit go to Vandana. She is the top Indian Entrepreneurs. She is awarded Padmashree in 2013 for her contribution.

#11. Sulajja Firodia Motwani.

She is the joint managing director of kinetic motors. She is the Entrepreneur and philanthropist. She single-handedly maintained, designed and developed marketing strategies to spread the company’s growth. Her growth 7 looks recognized by India and today she is known as Face of Millennium: and she is also selected as “Global Leader of tomorrow” by the world economic forum.

#12. Suchi Mukherjee.

She is the Founder and CEO of line road. She received many awards and recognition like KC Nag economics Prize, commonwealth Cambridge scholarship. She is the part of eBay, Skype, Gumtree. She was selected as Rising talent high potential Leaders. It is e-commerce for Urban. Before Launch, she was a part of the initial development team of skype.

#13. Richa Kar.

She is the founder and CEO of Zivame. It is an online lingerie store. It has got its fame for the first web platform with more than 2000 styles. She has significant experience in branding, retail marketing and operations. She is formed. She did her studies from BITS Pilani in 2002 and did her Masters.

#14. Shraddha Sharma.

Shraddha is the founder of India’s top media platform YourStory. It is for entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem. She is from Patna Bihar. She got her degree from Delhi and MICA. she worked with TOI and CNBC TV18.