Things you should know before starting a restaurant in India

In India, food is considered as God. People spend their expenses, time and luxury on food without giving a second thought. Considering the vast cultural diversity, India is home to a different number of cuisines also. If someone is thinking of opening a restaurant in India, it is not as easy as it is in other countries. People from different cultures prefer different kind of food. So before opening a restaurant in India, it is very important that you must keep in mind some factors that will help you ensure that your business runs successfully, and leaves a legacy behind. There are many shops and restaurants in India that have been running from 100 years and more, this is because of the legacy they have left behind by rightly hitting on the right spot. If you want to open a new restaurant in India, then you must ensure that everything that needs to be considered before is taken into account. Let us look at these factors-

1. Finance

know your own capacity, and the dimension of the restaurant you want to open. If you want to open a big, fancy restaurant then the finance needs to be taken from banks or other financial institutions, apart form your own savings. If you wish to open a small one, or a little coffee house, then not much investment is needed as compared to the bigger ones, so maybe only your savings will help and you do not need to burden yourself from the bank loans. Finding such financing options can be a major stumbling rock to your dream, so make sure you explore all the alternatives present in the market before choosing one.

2. Customers

Do not expect that you will have a flock of customers as soon as you open the restaurant. It always takes time and patience to build up a food joint and make it running and popular among the customers. If right advertising is done, customers will eventually start coming. Also, they will eventually come of the news of tasty food is spread in the town. So do not expect to have everything at once. Opening a restaurant takes a lot of patience and perseverance. You may even have to give up your weekend holidays, festivals and all other leisure time to it because those are the days when people go out to eat, so if your new restaurant will also be closed at that time, it will never nourish.

3. Food

If you have planned out the kind of food you want, do not go with the cliché type of menu that every other restaurant in the area serves. Make an exceptional and unique menu out of the cuisine you want to serve, so that the people around you know that something extraordinary has come up and they get attracted to it. For this also, you should have a creative mind, or someone with similar skills need to be found and hired before opening a new restaurant. This is one of the most important concepts that needs to be taken in mind.

4. Equipment

when we visit to eat Italian, there are two kinds of Italians present in India, one is similarly authentic Italian, one is street food type Italian. So if you wish to have an authentic cuisine taste to give to your customers, then your equipment should also be that. It will need more finance and funding to get better quality and authentic equipment. If you wish to serve street styled food, then it will be easier for you. Also keep in mind the kind of cutleries you want to serve in, which should go with the type of food you are serving.

5. Competition

In India, there is no dearth of eating joints of all types. Starting from rudimentary street food, to the exquisite cuisine restaurants, all are present. So every restaurant you open will have competition. But if you want to nourish, then choose the type where is not too much competition, but also don’t go for an area where there is no or little competition, because that would mean that customers do not prefer that kind of cuisine or that food generally. Buy you can always be creative and look for an area which isn’t explored well and has a probability of being liked by the people around you. Choose wisely.

6- Theme

With the advent of popular shows and movies, themed restaurants are in trend in India. so if you want to open a restaurant, it can also be a themed one, you must decide what theme to choose, and choose the equipment, cutlery and even the menu according to it only. if you don’t want to go for a theme, then also, a creative sitting area, which is different than ordinary can help you allure the customers to your place.

7. Location

Make sure you pick the right location before opening up a restaurant in India. a place which is already jam packed with food joints, can look alluring, as people already go there for eating, which might benefit your restaurant. However, it can also be a negative factor, as there is too much competition. If you want to open in a place like this, then a different or extraordinary restaurant will get benefit, as the customers will get a different type of food on their daily route.

These are the few tips that need to be kept in mind before you open up a restaurant in India. as the population here is vast, and people love eating all kinds of food, it becomes very profitable for anyone to open a restaurant, but it takes time, perseverance and right creativity to touch the hearts of the customers. if all the factors are put in, in right amount, in the right place and at the right time, then your business will be successful in a very short span of time.