Ritesh Agarwal: The face behind India’s biggest hotel chain

The man that changed the landscape of the hotel industry-Ritesh Agarwal and his brand OYO are growing with every passing day. The man made a revelation in the way people used to look at the online hotel bookings. At such a tender age, he has created a worth of 360 crores and the network that expands to all parts of India.

OYO is the biggest hotel chain of India that expands over 50000 rooms in 500 hotels across India so that one can find an OYO room anywhere in India.  The main aim of the OYO group is to standardize the budget hotels to make sure that they can provide a better stay for the budget hotels. The group is expanding and signing up with new hotels every day to make sure that hotel stays get better.

The group came up with smart and innovative to have contracts and pacts with the hotels rather than coming up with their own hotels. The youngster Ritesh, who is a business tycoon by now, was quite smart to analyze the needs of the people and trends in the market.

But who is this Ritesh Agarwal:

Most of you people have had an amazing stay in the OYO rooms but sadly most of you are not aware about Ritesh Agarwal.  He is the man who has made your hotel stays comfortable and cozy without putting a great burden on your pocket. He is the man who is the chairman of one of the fastest growing companies in India and has provided the world with a new idea about how to run the Hotels business.

Ritesh Agarwal, the 25 year old gem was born to a humil and humble family in Cuttack. The journey of the man to one of the leading entrepreneur was not a smooth sailing one and he had to face many difficulties in establishing the biggest hotel chain of India. The fact that his idea was unconventional and different made it tougher for him in the beginning but as they brave always wins.

Here is a deeper look at how he made his idea of India’s biggest hotel chain a successful one and put the name of OYO hotels on everybody’s name:

Another college dropout:

He is another one from the league of the Bill Gates and Mark Zuckersburg who dropped out of the college to support his start-up. He enrolled into one of the biggest colleges in Indian School of business & finance, Delhi but the heart was calling for something else.

So, he dropped out of the college midway and started his own start-up but was quite hesitant to take this decision. We all know very well that taking such a risk at such a tender age is not an easy thing to do yet he listened to his heart only. But the thing that took him to the fame was that he was very clear about what he exactly wanted to do and he excelled in the same.

It all started with Oravel:

Experience helps you to analyze everything in a better manner and Ritesh travelled across the country. He discovered how difficult it is for someone to find budget hotels. So, he started his own set-up in the name of Oravel travels with an aim to provide budget hotels to everyone across India. The brand name was later changed to OYO, a name which every Indian knows by now.

The transformation to OYO and the success that followed;

He discovered that there is a variety of problems with Budget hotels and so he come up with OYO, which has now been able to overcome all those difficulties. OYO meaning On Your Own has quickly gone on to establish itself as the leading hotel provider and in a very short period of time has established its legacy in the hotel sector. OYO rooms have become the first choice of everyone as Agarwal has made it that transparent and affordable for everyone in India.

A number of accolades at such a tender age;

If you are thinking that, Ritesh Agarwal is any ordinary guy, then you need to think twice. Not only he has launched the biggest hotel chain of India, he has certain other accolades to his name as well.

  • He is in the list of “Forbes 30 under the 30” in consumer technology sector.
  • He was also in the list of TATA Dot First and that too when he was just a teenager.
  • He has also won the entrepreneurial excellence award from TiE in 2014.
  • He has also won the young entrepreneur award from the Business world.

The only Asian resident to have won Thiel Fellowship:

Ritesh Agarwal is the only Asian who has won the prestigious Thiel Fellowship in the same year in which he launched his start-up Oravel Travels. Designed by Peter Thiel, The founder of brand PayPal awarded a twenty two year old Indian college drop-out with a fund of $100, 000 which helped him to turn his dreams into a reality. What he has done with the same is before our eyes and we can do nothing but applaud this genius.

The other side of the persona:

The skills of Ritesh Agarwal are not only limited to his entrepreneurship and the OYO rooms but there is much more to it. He is a notable author and his book- “Complete encyclopedia of India’s top 100 engineering colleges” was a best seller. He is also very good at codes having started the coding at a very tender age of 8. At the age of 16, Agarwal got a chance to be the part of Asian Camp organized by Tata group that had 240 participants.

His oratory skills are second to none and he got a chance to be a speaker in Think EDU Panel of 2014 being the youngest speaker in the panel. He is a constant in some of the most popular conclaves and has inspired many a young entrepreneurs with his skills and approach.

Scaling to new heights:

The best thing with Agarwal is that he is just 25 and is yet to peak. Having achieved so much at such a tender age is no easy task but Agarwal is determined to take OYO to even greater heights. He is also going to start a venture with transporters making travel easier for the people. In the hotels sector, OYO is also looking to go international making abroad stays affordable for Indians. The number of bookings on the OYO website is increasing by every passing day which indicates the kind of impact that he has created.

But the thing that Agarwal has been able to maintain amidst all the success coming his way is his humility and smile. He has become the owner of a $5 billion company in the five years but that hasn’t changed his behavior or persona. This is what is making him an even better person being attached to his roots. At every conclave, you can see him inspiring the youngsters to take risks and make it happen for them which is makes him something more than an entrepreneur, which is a leader.