Know the life story behind India’s first Apple certified sound engineer – ShaiphaliSaxena

Life is all about facing difficulties, and coming out of them stronger. We all face problems and impediments, so that they shape our personality and our future for something better. One of the best examples of this theory is the success story of ShaiphaliSaxena, the first female sound engineer who has been certified by Apple. Inc itself. A girl who went beyond the convention career paths, and made out the best with the problems she faced, is now popular among the musicians and artists. Let us know, how she became a sound engineer, and what led her chose this unconventional path.

Early story and struggle

Shaiphali was an ordinary student, just like any other girl who worked hard in her studies to achieve good grades. She had a dream of pursuing MMBS before the thought of being a sound engineer came to her mind. It was the tenth standard, when she decided to quit the MBBS dream and become this. Shaiphali told in an interview, that the reason she developed interest in music was, because of severe migraine problem she faced in adolescent years. Her father, who had supported her throughout her passion, asked her to turn to music, to soothe the migraine. To overcome a severe disease, Shaiphali met music, learned to play guitar and eventually developed an interest in music which led her to this success today.

Shaiphali’s older brother had been the most passionate about her sister’s dream. He had supported her fully throughout her struggle phase, kept her motivated and gave her new ideas which led her way forward. She started her first classes in the class 12th herself, and her first student Angel, on whose name Shaiphali’s academy is named after, was her inspiration. She eventually grew and became the founder of a premier music institute in Jaipur.

Turning point

The turning point, or the breakthrough point in Shaiphali’s career came, when she decided to quit the Apple 10-8 job. She decided that she could not continue in that daily job, and she had to work out of the box. She then decided to join the AR Rehman music institute, learned from there and came back to open her own institute, Angel’s Music Academy in Jaipur, which is now one of the most prominent music institute in Jaipur, holding kids that work with great folk artists, Bollywood celebrities and much more.

Shaiphali had always though out of the box, she also inducted opera in her music academy, and taught her students the opera shows skills also. She is one of the famous names in Jaipur for making people love opera.

Societal struggles

Shaiphali had always mentioned that her parents and family were always supportive of her dreams and ambitions. They granted her complete liberty to pursue her dream. Shaiphali mentions how society, such as neighbourhood people objected to her dreams, trying to brainwash their parents into marrying her off and not investing too much on her. She mentions she always found society trying to pull her down, but her parents, and her grandparents’ support constantly defied the societal pressure, and led her to her career path always.


The fact that ShaiphaliSaxena is the first female sound engineer who is certified from Apple music, is itself the biggest achievement of her life. Her music academy has rejuvenated the theory of music, and the career path related to it. She brought about the culture of opera in her city. She graduated from AR Rahman music institute. She has been awarded the Country wide impact award for best Music academy in 2018, recently by Ankit Tiwari. She is now working on a project to tie up with Governmental agencies to work more for music. These are one of the few achievements, thatShaiphali has been credited with in such young age. The best example of her calibre can be spotted with her story, where she converted her only single student, into a group of eight students without any promotion or advertisement about her service, that too when he herself was in class 12th.

Shaiphali has worked with bug folk and Bollywood celebrities. She does not take pride in this fact, but instead boasts about the fact that her students are now working with big Bollywood celebrities after learning from her. She takes great pride in imparting the talent she has acquired.

Shaiphali’s story is not just a story of success of a middle-class girl, who dreamt of something bigger, but also how a single problem in life can be converted to the biggest achievement of your life, just with the help of right guidance, motivation and support. This guidance was provided by her father, and later on by her brother, the two most important men in her life.