How do I Optimize My Site for Google Voice Search?

The way people do online search for data is changing. Nowadays, people use voice search on their devices (phones, tablets, voice assistant like Google home device or Amazon Echo) to search for info and data online. Siri surely has earned a big name in this. Google voice search is also gaining popularity amongst Android users and Microsoft’s Cortana is efficient for PCs.

As per Hitwise, 60% of the searches are done on mobile gadgets. With so many people used smartphones to search, people find it easier to use their voice rather than type on the small screens. Thus, the SEO professionals now need to think about their content and SEO differently. Searching by voice is the new trend amongst SEO professionals.

A New Mode of Searching

Mobile phones, tablets, smart home devices like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Assistant are being used by everyone these days. These new voice operating devices and tech makes it simple than ever for people to enquire and ask question and get immediate info from their device. It brings in a more natural way to interact with machines via conversational voice. With your voice, you can play music, switch on the lights, look for places in local area, order products and find info related to any breaking news as well as weather.

How To Optimize For Voice Search?

Since 1990s, users are entering keyword phrases to get info on their PC via internet. Now, you don’t have to type keyword phrases but do voice search in a more natural and conversational tone.

What Are Actual People Searching For?

As per the trends of 2016-17, people use their voice for a lot of search. Around 22% of people search for local content and info, hence, local businesses should strategize for local voice search.

Claim Your My Business Listing on Google

If you don’t know about Google My Business Listing, then find about it now! It is time! Claim and optimize Google My Business is an amazing way for Google to get more info about your business like your address, business hours, business category and phone number.

As so many voice searches are local in their nature, getting your Google My Business listing will keep your visibility and chances of showing up when a voice search is performed for local business, location as well as business segment.

Conversational Keywords

Now keywords aren’t just keywords. The voice search keywords are long along with tail. The tail is the conversational phrase which you want to add to optimize your voice search.

Your keyword strategy should be more of conversational in its nature and be like how normal people talk and ask questions. So, think about the kind of question you are asked from your customers when they call you on phone regarding your work and then document and record the words they use when speaking to customer service representatives.

After getting the list of questions and lines your customers say on the phone, start making content pages which focus on those with more conversational search phrases.

FAQ Pages

Another way to use above mentioned customer data is to create FAQ pages which concentrate on long tail+ conversational phrases. You can group common questions on one page. Try putting natural sounding questions and phrases rather than going for SEO keyword phrases you have used before. If you have to create several pages, then voice search technologies will have a better chance of getting info from your site.

Try to anticipate more direct questions from researchers. Search queries like “best digital camera” have started to disappear and questions like “Alexa where will I find a waterproof digital camera for Facebook Live?” will start flashing in the minds of voice searchers.

It appears like a daunting job, but creating these pages and content related to semantic questions which people ask will not just help you site reflect in a voice search result. It will enhance your chances of coming in a Google Featured Snippet.

Structured Data Markup

You can apply the correct schemas and use structured data markup to provide the voice search devices with more info regarding your website and content. Structured data markup is important for your website as it defines more related info and makes it simpler for Google to accurately parse the data and acknowledge the context.

It Is A Completely New World For Websites And SEO

Voice Search is here to stay. It is time, SEO commences to optimize your site for this new world of voice search-so you are not left behind.