How to start a food Delivery Business from Home/house?

In older days, you may have enjoyed to prepare meals and bring lunch to work. In present days, the demand of your jobs and the busy schedule have made cooking a luxury, which is why various meal delivery businesses have gained much popularity. You will find various people who are now opting for meal delivery subscriptions. It is usually convenient. A food delivery business offers an only homecooked meal. It is a healthier option than fast food or eating food from restaurants. So, if you are looking to be entrepreneurs this year and you are looking to start a food delivery business from home. Here, below we have listed some points which can help you to start a food delivery business from home.

Food ordering and delivery is not a business which can be run offline only. You can do this business online. It has evolved various technologies coming into the forefront. You will find many startups, whose business models were based on grocery delivery, meal kit delivery, restaurant table booking, midnight food delivery and many more. You need to follow online food ordering and delivery business model. You need a few startups to adhere to the office food delivery business.

Food delivery business is now trending in India, as well. It has a huge demand for its services increasing at a fast pace. Nowadays, it is easy to make food and selling the food from a retail location is not enough. Various consumers from metro cities ever suburban now expect to have a ready eat to food at their doorsteps. It is a profitable business. Most of people use smartphones. It creates enormous opportunities for food and entrepreneurs.

Some of the most trending Food Delivery Startups.

#1. Food truck

It is the most profitable food retail businesses in metro cities. It has a proven business model and several startup companies are getting tremendous success in business. It is all about moving to a restaurant. You are serving the hood at customers accessible location.

#2. Home Made food Delivery.

You must have heard about “Ghar ka khana”. It is the biggest sought of the people who live alone for their professional reasons. It is not easy for them to access food for them. You can make homemade food and serve them. Also you can deliver food to your consumers at any place of their convenience.

#3. Office Meal Delivery.

It is another niche food business. You need a very small capital investment. You need to have a good client base. You only need to prepare the food. You need to pack it and deliver directly to the client. You can establish an online store. You can upload your menus and price tags. You need to promote the site in commercial places. You need to make easy for customers to have an easy order way.

#4 Special Food Startup.

It is the business caters a wide range of food items. It can be any type of specialty food. You can start a niche online food startup. It may list as Dosa, Italian, Thai, pickles, cookies, burgers, homemade chocolates etc. you will find whatever product choose, you should have confidence. you will find some chances of getting success from a nice online store which is huge.

Foodtech Startups are the most happening phenomenon in our country. You can make substantial earnings from food delivery business. It provides you thoughtful strategy and investment.

How to establish a food Delivery Business From Home?

Sometimes it happens due to lack of resources, it is not easy for everyone or a new entrepreneur to start a food delivery business and have a great and fancy office. It is good for entrepreneurs who wish to position themselves in the food and beverage industry. You don’t need to work for long hours. You will discover fulfillment in the business venture. It endeavor offers flexibility. It requires a great deal of dedication and organization.

#1.  Market research.

You need to research for a target market. It is the first thing you should do, like any other business, you must also start with researching your target market. You need to determine what is the target market you would like to have for their meals. You need to study also the locality where your future customers are situated.

For Example:

  • If you are looking for students of the nearby university, you need to focus on light and heavy snacks.
  • If you are looking for employees of an adjacent office building. You need to offer healthy lunch meals and snacks.
  • If you are looking for residents of a residential building, then you may want to consider their meals needs as if they have kids or not.

You need to customize your meals according to what your target market needs. You should ensure that you will have a constant following of orders for meal deliveries. You need to research your market’s food needs. You need to keep them happy and satisfied with the price that they pay for convenience.

#2. You need to prepare your needed materials.

You should not have a significant amount of capital to start. And you don’t have to get a lot of materials or appliances and utensils. You will find most of the utensils that you will need for meal preparations in your kitchen.

You need some of the following things.

  • A plastic or cardboard meal containers and utensils for delivery.
  • A big pots and pans. It will allow you to cook food in large batches.
  • You need to have some big food containers where you can store your food after cooking them.

#3. You need to develop a marketing strategy.

Most of the business does not work if you don’t have a marketing strategy. Your food delivery business should be of no exception. You should have a marketing strategy to determine a way to reach your target market effectively. If you are still starting a business.

Your marketing strategy can focus on following points.

  • You need word of mouth by neighbors and friends.
  • Digital marketing through social media like Facebook and Instagram page.
  • You need leaving flyers and posters in nearby offices, schools and residential areas.

#4. You need to create a business and meal plan.

If you are even starting a small business. A business plan is a must. You need a business plan along with the meal plan for every week. When you have a business plan, you can foresee if your food business will indeed have a return or you will be merely getting a break even amount. Few things can be included in the business plan.

  • You need to look at the cost of selling each pack of food, per meal and per location.
  • You need grocery list and cost of each ingredient
  • You need other necessary costs, such as gas, electricity, and labor.
  • You need to cover labor expense with your staff such as a part-time assistant for delivery and cooking.

You need a weekly business and meal plan. You will also be able to compare your return every day. You need not be disheartened if you find anything going wrong. Still you can have a continuous approach for growth.

#5. You need to Accomplish your licenses and permits.

It is essential for you to apply for all the required licenses and permits. Some of the licenses are listed below.

  • Business permits
  • Tax payments
  • Sanitary permits
  • Food handling seminars and permits.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t comply with the requirements because they operate from homes. You will find a great advantage to have all your license and permits ready. It will make your customers to trust you more as you are legit business and you will avoid legal troubles which can affect your business.


A food delivery business is the perfect business option for many who prefer to work from home or for great mothers who have small kids or after retirement plan for senior citizens. It holds the same for all even if you leave near the central business district, where the nearby offices are your possible market.

You need to keep all these steps and tricks in Mind as you get started on your food delivery business from home. You can find some greatest resources as an entrepreneur who can have quality mentorship. You can start to plan your business and connect with free business resource near you to get any sort of help if needed. you need to make sure your customers have a variety of options to have. Most of the times Chinese and Italians are preferred more.

Food freshness does reflect the company. You need to ensure a delivery menu which includes dishes that transport well. You need to be near your market. You need to focus on locally owned restaurants. Also, support another small business. All these can be free of franchising contracts. It could limit participation. Hope it will help you to establish some best food delivery business from your home.