Disney has always been an epitome of childhood fantasy creations. Be it, mickey, Donald or the princesses that shaped girls’ childhood dreams, every Disney character has made its way to a child’s world through its fantastic creation. A child’s childhood is incomplete without a love for at least one Disney character which enables him to create fantasized dreams of a friend, superhero or an idol. Not only in America or other foreign countries, India is also home of one of the largest Disney fans and lovers. Since childhood, Indian kids engulf themselves with toys and cartoons by Disney. They imbibe the spirit of those characters in themselves which helps them grow.

Disney is successful in expanding its horizon by successfully partnering with clothing lines, toy companies, stationery and school supply companies. A child prefers Disney souvenirs more than usual ones because of the connection it entails.  Now Disney has taken a step ahead by partnering with an education platform, to teach kids in a fun manner. It has initiated a program with BYJU’s to enable the kids in learning with the help of their favourite characters.

BYJU’s is an Indian firm based in Bangalore. It is an educational and tutoring online firm founded in 2011. It has now become one of the leading online tuition platforms, not only in India, but also all over the world. more than 220 million children are enrolled in it. As we all know, e-learning has become a norm now. Almost all good-quality schools use e-learning platforms to teach kids in a much more systematic and organized manner. BYJU’s has been providing e-learning home based and education-based tutorials for all class types. Many schools have enrolled themselves for BYJU’s learning programme. Byju offers services to the users after registration along with a fifteen days free trial period. It also allows access to any internet user of a variety of free resources like ICSE, CBSE, NCERT and other examination preparation material. The only field it had not covered until now was the primary school education area which includes kindergarten to class III.

To expand its horizon, the news of BYJU’s creating a special platform for students up to grade 3. It will be specially focussed on children of this age group. Main aim of BYJU’s developers is to expand the reach of this platform to more and more students in India. for this purpose, it has joined hands with the biggest media conglomerate Disney. BYJU’s is also known for its ambition of expanding the reach to bigger countries so it has chosen a partner which is virtually known to every child and adult likewise. As Disney is an alluring concept to imbibe, BYJU’s step towards it is commendable.

The application to be launched near next week, is called Disney BYJU’s early learn. It is aimed towards the children between Kindergarten to class III. Sources have mentioned that Disney has extended some financial investment into BYJU’s, but this news is not confirmed officially. The best news right now is that BYJU’s has taken a step forward in the education sector and partnered with Disney for its learning application. This application will be a host to a number of Disney characters like Toy story, frozen, cars etc. these characters are used to teach kids concepts and methods in a much more lucid and eloquent manner, moreover their presence will cultivate a sense of enthusiasm and interest among the kids towards learning. Studying and education methods have gone too cliché today, which is being revamped by BYJU’s now.

Kids from kindergarten to class III are being targeted through this application. The application is intended towards expanding the horizon of educational training platform to other countries as well as different age groups, which will give this seven year old Indian start-up gather more business than ever. The education lessons are added by Disney, along with solid backing of BYJU’s platform which makes it much more credible than other applications. BYJU’s had decided to expand in this age section because it was not present earlier. The application provided for classes and materials for class III and above. Now, it has also entered into primary education area, which will help it gather much more market area than before. currently, the reach of BYJU’s is less than one percent of the student population in India, yet it aims to intend its base to more students. This is the main reason, along with foreign expansion, why Byju has decided to team up with Disney and launch this application.

The exact credentials regarding the deal between Byju and Disney has not been released, but it is concluded through past observations that Disney might have ten to fifteen percent of investment in the application’s finance. Like previous Disney partnerships with different clothing, toy and sports line, Disney must have had its share on similar lines. However, there are no official reports of it. The difference between Disney’s other investments and partnerships with that of the one with BYJU’s is that it is a long-term investment partnership. It will stay for a very long period of time and continue to teach the children through this fun and happening way of learning.

The question arises as to who will be benefited by this application the most. The answer lies with a philosophical mindset, that with the advent of media and electronic equipment’s crawling way into the lives of today’s children, this application will be most advantageous to those kids who are technocrats in themselves. They will not waste their time and eyes on watching irrelevant material on the TV or internet, instead by juxtaposing fun cartoon characters with learning, BYJU will help them learn along with entertaining themselves. They will let their own superheroes teach them simple mathematical problems which makes it much more interesting than the usual course. this is a great initiative by Byju and Disney, not only for children but also for parents who are worried for their kids on spending too much time on cartoons only.