20 Business Ideas That You Can Start Under 5 Lakhs Investment

Business is that one thing in the world which if you are doing in the rightful manner then can take you to great levels of success, in today’s times. Business ideas and the capital used for establishing it, are the two most important aspects on which any business, flourishes. Every day, most of us come up with a variety of business ideas and we all something unique in our mind, in our way. Business not only helps you earning a good amount of money, in a short span of time but it also provides you with a sense of confidence. it is amazing feeling when you can transform your dream business ideas or project into reality but not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy this feeling. Most of the creative minds drop their unique and responsive ideas just because they think they lack the capital needed for it.

Of course, capital is like the blood in a human body and it is extremely necessary for the establishment, survival and growth of any business concept. But, what many people fail to understand is that not every business idea is same. The requirement of every business concept is different and so is the amount of capital for it. So, if you have a limited capital of five lakhs and you are willing to make an investment but you are worried that will it be enough or not, then give below are twenty successful business ideas that one can start with under just Rs 5 lakh investment only.

The 20 most profitable business ideas under five lakhs of investment are –

#1 – Property Management

This is a good business idea where you just require a brick and mortar office and good contacts. You need to approach the big companies and business enterprises and to convince them to transfer the cumbersome tasks involved with the property management. You can manage tasks like management, documentation, paperwork and much more on their behalf and earn a little with it. After the break even stage, you can add more skilled people to your team.

#2 – Shoe wash agency

Nowadays, people are more aware about their looks and which is why they equally spend on their shoes as much as they would do on their dresses. The fancy sneakers and canvas requires the hand of an expert to be cleaned thoroughly and to make it look like a new pair of shoes. You just need to learn how to do it and hire a team who can help you in taking maximum clients. Once your company gets famous, customers will come to on their own. Plus, it requires basic knowledge and limited capital at the same time.

#3 – Food Delivery Service

Ordering food from the finest restaurants and dining with your loved ones in the comforts of your own house has become the new trend these days. Thus, having a 24 x 7 available food delivery service is a great business idea without pressuring your pockets. This idea requires your effort, hard work, planning and patience more than a huge capital. You need to be good at sales and marketing in order to get yourself connected with all the major food joints and restaurants and returns are extremely good, if done properly.

#4 – Uniform Makers

Nowadays, Every school whether pre, primary or senior, even universities and colleges are making a proper dress code – a compulsion for their students. This results in an increase in demand for uniform makers. Therefore, you can try to tie up with one of the institution to get their dress code delivery orders at competitive prices. It is a good business idea where customers will directly come to you to buy your products at a fixed student-friendly rate.

#5 Telecom Consultancy Business

Leveraging your expertise, knowledge and experience of telecom industry to help the young entrepreneurs. You can assist and encouragement the entrepreneurs in taking their businesses to new heights with the help of your consultancy services.

#6 – Temporary Service Providers

India has always been known for its manpower and the willingness of the younger generation to start working right after schooling. So, you can build a team of young enthusiastic people looking forward to work and gain some professional experience and arrange temporary jobs for them at events or local ceremonies as a manager. You can earn a good amount if you pick up a number of projects in a month and plus it doesn’t require much of capital if you hire your team of freelance basis.

#7 Wedding Planner

In India, weddings are celebrated like festivals and the families involved require someone who can properly manage the daunting tasks while they can enjoy the event, without any stress. Organizing the functions for people is a good business idea and it requires limited budget but it is full-time business as you need to be available 24 x 7.

#8 House Keeping Service Provider

You can get connected to nearby guest houses and hotels to manage their house keeping services on their behalf for their clients and earn a fair amount in it.

#9 Concierge Service Provider

You can approach the newcomers near your place and arranges service providers such as medical help, baby sitter or electrician etc. for them. This is a good and budget friendly business idea.

#10 Assessment Services

Nowadays, students prefer trying a number of mock exams and assessment test before going for the final real examination. This is a good service where you can prepare and assess the candidates on the basis of their results.

#11 Bus reservation website

You can get into touch with good and trustworthy bus travel service providers and sell their packages online, on their behalf. You can discuss and craft attractive travel deals to lure more traffic and customers.

#12 Chocolate Making

Preparing chocolates in a customized manner, covered with fancy wrappers might seem like an expensive business idea to you, but it’s not. High quality chocolates are always in demand and can easily attract buyers.

#13 Advertisement Online

You can promote your clients businesses online by posting ads online and targeting the right audiences to maximize the web presence for their brands.

#14 Customized Festival Presents

Festivals are celebrated with utmost joy in India, and with the exchange of personalized gifts, it becomes happier. You can design customized gift combos for companies and other organisations. Such combos are distributed as presents to the clients and customers by big brands to show their importance for the company.

#15 Professional Tank Cleaners

You can pick up tank cleaning project at commercial or residential areas. Nowadays, people are very much aware about their hygiene and health issues therefore drinking clean water is a must. Professional tank cleaners are in demand these days especially in urban areas.

#16 Verifiers

You can provide information security services to all types of companies. It is a tedious job to run a background check every time a company hires a new employee, therefore, you can act as a big storage of employee records and assist the companies in hiring the right employee for the right job.

#17 Merchandisers

If you are good at marketing and making contacts, then you can act as a merchandisers for many manufacturing units. You can sell their goods and services at fair prices which in return will help you in creating a business opportunity for yourself. Here, you don’t have to invest in manufacturing the products instead just sell it on the behalf of your dealers.

#18 Cleaners

In our day to day lives, we fail to clean our houses and work place as we are supposed to. Thus, the companies and home spaces require workers to offer professional cleaning services and to create a healthy atmosphere. You can provide workers at regular intervals and arrange a proper cleaning of their spaces.

#19 Import Chinese Products

India has always been one of the biggest importer of China, you can also import innovative products from the China market and easily sell them at good prices in India. The traders do not have to invest a big amount as most of the Chinese items are budget friendly and they are quite attractive which makes them easier to sell. 

#20 Pest Control Agency

If you live in an area where pests are creating a trouble for the people then this is a good business idea. Pest can cause severe health issues which is why people consider pest control services at regular intervals. This business doesn’t even requires a huge investment and you can create a healthy environment for your clients.

There are many other business ideas that you can start with, under a limited capital but the above mentioned ones are the most profitable investments. It depends on your knowledge, experience and expertise that which business will be the best one for you. So, it is advisable to perform a complete research before investing in any of the businesses.